LIC Jeevan Saral Policy

insurance coverage ➠ fixed premiums ➠ guaranteed plus variable at maturity

Jeevan Saral is the insurance plan by LIC of India with features such as low monthly premium and high liquidity. It does not matter what stage you are at, lic has a life insurance plan that is suitable for you.

What is 'LIC Jeevan Saral'

LIC Jeevan Saral Life insurance Policy can assist you ensure that your family is provided for, your child’s educational requirements are taken care of, and that your kids won’t need to worry about their future. Jeevan Saral Life insurance policy is used to secure the financial security of the persons you love most. A life insurance policy pays a death benefit, tax free, to policyholders nominee when he / she die during the policy term.
Choose the suitable insurance policy for you online on the internet. LIC presents a number of life insurance plans, pension plans, money back plans, term plan and health insurance in India. To know how this comprehensive, affordable coverage can assist secure you, your family and your standard of life – both these days and later on – select from the different plans available.

Jeevan Saral Features and Benefits

  • Insurance protection
  • Premium payments that stay the same each year till the end of the policy term.
  • Tax free maturity amount you can use while you are living
    If you have an interest in buying one of LIC plans but do not yet know which insurance plan is suitable for you, your initial step should be to consult with a insurance agent to get information. They will assist you make sure the plan is appropriate for you and support you through the application procedure.

How much do you get at the end of the policy premium paying term?

Maturity sum assured and loyalty additions if any on maturity. You can enter your details in the maturity calculator to know the estimated maturity amount.

How do I verify or change my nominee name?

You can contact an agent from whom you have taken this policy or servicing branch or customer zone available in your area.

Can I take a loan against this policy or is there surrender value?

Yes, loan on policy is available if you have paid three years premium.

How to change bank for ECS debit?

If you have selected monthly premium payment mode and want to change the back from where premium is getting debited every month, you need to get ECS mandate form from any branch or you can also download online. Get the bank details verified on form and submit the same with LIC along with normal change of bank details application. Also confirm with your bank to create mandate so that your ECS will be honored every time.

What does Double Accident Benefit mean and how does it work?

DAB is additional death cover paid along with natural death benefit. E.g If your basic life coverage is 5 Lakh and you have opted DAB. In case of accident death nominee will get Natural Death coverage 5 Lakh plus DAB 5 Lakh Plus all premiums paid excluding first years and loyalty additions if any.


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Nobody wants to imagine about having life insurance. But including insurance coverage in your financial plan now can help you and your family members in the future. LIC offer a variety of individual life insurance plans , retirement plans, health plan and group insurance solutions. So you’re able to secure your family’s quality of living it does not matter what the future brings, and save your family members the tension of financial worries while in an already stress filled time. Life insurance is an essential element of a full financial plan. It’s a important aspect of estate planning, and can speed up estate settlements.



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